Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dorade Tiga Rasa

My friend, gave this fish several days ago. In Germany it is called Dorade. Some say it is similar to seabass or siakap in Malay. But to me, it looks a bit diferent from siakap. But it does taste like one.

At first I thought I wanted to make steamed fish but I don't have steamer. So just made do with fried fish with recipe called "Ikan Tiga Rasa" (Fried fish with 3 Flavours - or Tastes?). It basically has the sweet, sour and hot tastes of sauce.


Fish - any type that suitable for deep frying, wash cleanly.
Some corn flour
1 onion - cut into small cubes
2 cloves of garlic - mince
1 inch ginger - mince
2 tbs dried chili paste
2 tbs tomato sauce
2 tbs chili sauce
2 tbs oyster sauce
1 green capsicum - cut into cubes
1 tomato - cut into cubes
Salad leaves - for garnishing
Celery leaves- for garnishing
1/2 carrot - cut into thin pieces - for garnishing


1. Sprinkle salt on the both sides of the fish.
2. Coat fish wih some corn flour
3. Deep fry the fish until golden/brown. Toss and put on a serving plate.
4. On another pan, heat up some oil
5. Stir in garlic, onion and ginger, cook until golden.
6. Add dried chili paste. Cook for a while. Add a little water if it too dry.
7. Add all sauces. Mix well.
8. Add some water to lighten the gravy.
9. Add salt and sugar to taste.
10. Add tomato and capsicum.
11. Pour the sauce onto the fried fish.
12. Garnish with salad, celery leaves and carrots.

Mozarella Cheese with Basilikum & Tomato

Honestly speaking, I didn't make this. It was prepared by my friend, Kak Liza who came to my house the other day as we had 'making kuih raya' session. I never had experience eating the above type of mozarella cheese and before eating it, I had wondered whether the taste was awful. And I never make Basilikum as salad either. I bought a pot of Basilikum plant because I thought Basilikum is basil in english. But basil is daun selasih in Malay, isn't it? And boy, this Basilikum smells like daun selasih too. Can anyone clarify this?

The Mozarella cheese apparently have no taste. It is just plain, that's all. And my other friend said, if it got no taste, why bother to eat it? Quite true but I found it nice to eat them with the basilikum and tomato. It tasted so fresh!

It's very simple to make.


Several round smooth mozarella cheese
2 tomatoes
Some basilikum leaves
olive oil
grounded black pepper


Slice mozarella cheese anyway you like it.
Slice the tomatoes.
Arrange the mozarella cheese, tomatoes and basilikum leaves together in a serving plate.
Sprinkle olive oil, pepper and salt.

Ready to eat.