Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mozarella Cheese with Basilikum & Tomato

Honestly speaking, I didn't make this. It was prepared by my friend, Kak Liza who came to my house the other day as we had 'making kuih raya' session. I never had experience eating the above type of mozarella cheese and before eating it, I had wondered whether the taste was awful. And I never make Basilikum as salad either. I bought a pot of Basilikum plant because I thought Basilikum is basil in english. But basil is daun selasih in Malay, isn't it? And boy, this Basilikum smells like daun selasih too. Can anyone clarify this?

The Mozarella cheese apparently have no taste. It is just plain, that's all. And my other friend said, if it got no taste, why bother to eat it? Quite true but I found it nice to eat them with the basilikum and tomato. It tasted so fresh!

It's very simple to make.


Several round smooth mozarella cheese
2 tomatoes
Some basilikum leaves
olive oil
grounded black pepper


Slice mozarella cheese anyway you like it.
Slice the tomatoes.
Arrange the mozarella cheese, tomatoes and basilikum leaves together in a serving plate.
Sprinkle olive oil, pepper and salt.

Ready to eat.

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hantumakan said...

firstly, percaya yg rasa dia refreshing, hehe .. walau tak pernah makan..

and rasanya basil mmg ada few types, yg daun selasih tu thai basil, ada sweet basil.. erk, tetiba tahu itu aje, tpi ada few laa.. hehe