Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quinoa Salad

Due to the calling of eating well and eating healthy stuffs, I tried this quinoa which I bought from Jusco. Quinoa is known as a healthy whole-meal grains that provides a lot of benefits to the health. 

In terms of taste - oh! not really tasty (healthy food isn't always tasty, huh?) but when you mix it with other stuffs, it is edible, trust me :). 

Most importantly, get the good benefits!

This is how un-cooked quinoa looks like

Cooked quinoa...cooking method similar as cooking rice.

I made quinoa beans salad using my own recipe. Beans (mixed beans - you can buy a mixed beans packet from hypermarket store - Tesco, Mydin etc), is soaked overnight then boiled until soft. Then toss. Mix it with quinoa and iceberg salad, chopped onion and cherry tomato. Pour about 1/4 cup lime/lemon juice. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Mix well.

Another version of quinoa salad: Mix it with steamed carrot and broccoli. 
Pour lime/lemon juice and  sprinkle some salt.

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