Friday, March 20, 2009

Chocolate Cheese Cake (another failed recipe...)

Another my first-time attempt - cheese cake. Back in Malaysia, I used to visit famous Malaysia's cake house, The Secret Recipe for their delicious cheese cakes. Here in Germany, since I'm staying at home, I thought cheese cake project would be fun. So I browsed thru the Internet and decided to try this recipe called Chocolate Cheese Cake from Hanieliza's Cooking.
The result:

After baked. Looked nice....

But when I cut, it looked ugly!!! Doesn't look like cheese cake huh? The cheese part was so hard and compressed! And the colour is not so dark chocolate

The cheese cake should look like this! have I done?

Anyway, though my cheese cake didn't look as what it supposed to be, it still bore the cheese cake taste. And my husband still ate it anyway...thahks hubby for the support!

Though it is a failure, I'm not going to give up. I'm determined to bake more. Besides, practice makes perfect, isn't it?


mis said...

xpe neny.. yg penting sedap dimakan.. rupe tu bleh dicuba lg :)

Neny said...

Tu la mis, x nak putus asa. Tp seminggu gak la cheese cake tu nak abis. Kena tunggu abis dulu, baru leh pk kek lain pulak