Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mee Ladna

Another noodles recipe which is easy to prepare, it is called Mee Ladna. Since I lacked certain ingredients, so I made it my own version ( the Germany's version of course...hehehe). I couldn't find the fresh yellow mee like the one in Malaysia. But a friend has taught me how to turn spaghetti noodle to yellow mee. All I need to do, when I boil the spaghetti (with some oil and salt), add some turmeric powder in. Then once the spaghetti is cooked well, quickly drain the spaghetti under cold water. And I get the yellow mee!
1. Half a pack of spaghetti
2. 1 cup of beefs - slices into small pieces ( can also use or add chicken/prawns/squid)
3. Half onion - mince
4. 2-3 garlic - mince
5. 1 small carrots - cut into long cubes
6. 1 cup of cauliflowers
7. 1 egg
8. 1-2 spoon of oyster sauce
9. 2 spoon of black thick soy sauce
10. 1 tsp ground black pepper
11. Celery/onion leaves for garnishing
12. Fried shallots for garnishing
1. Heat some cooking oil in the pan
2. Stir the minced onion and garlic until fragrant
3. Add beefs. Cook well.
4. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce and black pepper.
5. Add carrots and cauliflower. Cook well.
6. Add the noodles (spaghetti). Mix well.
7. Add the egg, mix well.
8. Add salt if you like (but most of the time this is not necessary as the oyster and soy sauce already provide the salty taste)
9. Garnish the noodles with the celery leaves and fried shallots.
Guten Appetit!

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