Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mexican Scrambled Egg

I´m so into Nigella Lawson now. People said she´s not very much a cook since she´s not a trained-professional chef but I just love the way she cooks in her show. Sometimes she only cooks simple dish but it looks so delicious. And even though it is just a common meal, she´s very creative into adding something different in that meal.

This time I tried her Mexican scrambled egg....or I think I better call it Turkish scrambled egg because instead of using tortilla as in Nigella´s recipe, I used dürum. Dürum is a flat bread originates from Turkey and available in most Turkish groceries stores. It´s very much alike tortillas. If tortilla is used for making burito, dürum is used to make döner, just very much the same like burito, I guess.



- 1 piece of tortilla/dürum
- 3 eggs
- a bit of spring onion (minced)
- 1 tomato (seeded and cut into small pieces)
- capsicum (cut into small piece)
- salt


1. Roll up the tortilla. Cut into portions of 1cm lengtfh.
2. Heat up some oil in a pan. Stir in the tortilla. Fry until golden-brown. Put aside.
3. Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add the spring onion, tomato, capsicum and salt.
4.Heat up some butter in a pan. Pour in the egg mixture and stir continuously to make scramble egg.
5. Toss in the fried tortilla.
6. Ready to serve.

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