Saturday, November 21, 2009

Salmon Sweet Sour

I always love the taste of salmon. But back in Malaysia, salmon is darn expensive. Here, with Euro currency, it is quite affordable. The price usually around 7Euro/kg. The other day, I bought 3 slices of salmon and I paid around 3 Euro. So while I'm here, I'm going to enjoy the salmon as much as I could!

Salmon usually is nice to be grilled lightly on the pan, sprinkled with a bit salt and pepper and to be eaten with side dishes - steamed vegetables perhaps or any potatoes meal. But since we need to eat it with rice, I had to cook it the Malaysian way - thus sweet sour!

You can do whatever version you like, but mine goes like below:


- Salmon steak
- 2 tbs chili sauce
- 2 tbs tomato sauce
- Capsicum (any colors will do...the more the merrier) - chopped
- 1 onion - chopped
- Some garlics - chopped
- Some ginger - chopped
- Spring onion/celery leaves
- Salt/pepper/sugar


- Sprinkle the salmon steaks with some pepper and salt.
- Add a little cooking oil on the grill pan.
- Grill both side the salmon steak until cook.
- Remove the salmon from the pan, put aside.
- Heat up some cooking oil
- Stir in the garlic, ginger and onion. When they turn golden-brown, add the chili and tomato sauces. Add some water if it too dry.
- Add some salt and sugar to taste.
- Add chopped capsicum. Stir for a while. Don't make it too soft.
- Pour the sweet-sour sauce onto the salmon steak.
- Sprinkle chopped spring onion.
- Serve.

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