Thursday, November 12, 2009


Another recipe from Nigella Express. Based on the Youtube show, I watched her making Quesadillas, a Mexican recipe again. I like it because it´s quick to make. Suitable for any occasions too.

Again, instead of tortillas, I used dürum. And instead of ham, I used Turkish salami.And if Nigella used pickled jalapeno for the spicy taste, I used thai birds chili. How´s that?

Of course, if you are making for children, please omit the spicy ingredient.

I made this for my husband´s breakfast. And I think this is a good option for his quick-bite midnight snack.


- Tortillas/döner - as many pieces as uyou want to make
- Several pieces of salami or any relevant substitutes
- Shredded/grated cheese
- Spring onion
- Pickled jalapeno/chili - sliced (optional)


1. Spread one piece of tortilla
2. Lay down salami pieces of half-side of tortillas
3. Sprinkle some shredded cheese on top of the salami
4. Sprinkle some spring onion on top of the cheese.
5. Add some pickled jalapeno/chili slices
6. Fold up the tortila.
7. Brush up both sides of tortilla with some oil.
8. Grill on the pan until both sides become golden-brown.
9. Ready to serve.

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