Saturday, March 6, 2010

White Loaf

Breadmaker is one of the items in my wish-list. I´ve been eyeing some breadmakers at the shopping stores and e-bay. But a brand-new breadmaker is quite costly for us and since we have to be careful with our spending, I decide to just wait and see if one day we could afford to buy one.

On Thursday, my friend kak liza and I went to flohmarkt (flea market) in a nearby town. Kak Liza who has good eye for used items, spotted a breadmaker to be sold. So we approached the seller and checked out the breadmaker. It is of Alaska make and looks almost new. The seller offered 10€ for the price but after bargain he agreed to accept 8€. So I bought it since I trust Kak liza´s judgement in buying used items. She bought many kitchen electrical utensils from flohmarkt. Last year she bought a Tefal electrical steamer which was never been used at 10€. The seller claimed that the steamer was a present from somebody and he didn´t want it. The original price for a Tefal brand-new steamer is around 40€-50€. What a good buy!

The only problem buying from flohmarkt, is there is no guarantee or money payback if the item doesn´t functioning. So if you bought it malfunction, there goes your money. That is why it´s important to bargain to the cheapest price possible.

So yesterday, I took any recipe from Internet for a simple bread recipe so I took one recipe from here.

The breadmaker turned out to be well-functioned. My white loaf took 3 hours approximately from mixing, kneading, rising and baking. My kitchen is not in a mess having flour all over the place and I could just leave everything to the breadmaker, except for the measuring parts and dumping all ingredients into it...hehehe. Though white loaf is just a simple plain bread, I´m amazed at the fact I´m having it homemade! It reminds me of ´roti benggali´I used to buy from the Benggali man, selling breads riding his old bicycle. It is so fresh and soft.

That, if you are making loaf. Even then, having loaf baked in the breadmaker will leave a big hole underneath the loaf, resulted from the kneading poles. If you are making other type of bread - pizza, bun, etc...just make sure u stop the breadmaker after the kneading process.

I´m thinking to make red beans bun after this, so wish me luck!


mis said...

sungguh jeles ngan breadmaker itu! (penah wat roti uli ngan tangan, tangan lenguh mcm nk tercabut tp roti melepek huwaa..)

Neny said...

tu la, mmg bahagia punya breadmaker. second hand punya breadmaker pon xpe..hehehe. Matju asik order roti aje skrg!

Kat mesia bape harga breadmaker mis? Dulu x penah kisah pon nak survey breadmaker

mis said...

xkisah le 2ndhand pong.. yg penting roti menjadik!:)

xtau le neny.. sy xpenah survey pon, maybe ratusan gak ler. kalo beli mahal2 xbuat xberbaloi la plak.. harus ari2 wat roti..

hanim said...

neny.. kalau nak buat doh utk bun, pizza or karipap, ada option utk dough kan? so tak yah nak stop the breakmaker halfway.