Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cherry Cheesecake

I'm a big fan of cheesecake. Again in Malaysia, the favourite place to eat cheesecake for me is The Secret Recipe. In Germany, I never bought any cheesecake. Don't know why but I am concerned about the ingredients cause sometimes it may contains non-halal stuffs so it's best i try do it myself. Furthermore it isn't so costly to make cheesecakes. The 300g cream cheese pack is only 79 cent!

This is a recipe from Nigella Lawson (again!). It's the unbaked type of cheesecake and i found the taste quite delightful. Just the look is not so impressive. I guess if I used smaller spring foam, maybe it improves the look...MAYBE!

Since i'm so lazy to type the recipe, let's just see the Youtube clip of Nigella making the cheesecake. It's easy cheesy I tell you!

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