Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chocolate-Banana Cake

Chocolate-banana cake is always my favourite cake. Back in Malaysia, I always bought this cake from Malaysia´s famous cake house - The Secret Recipe.

Now in Germany I dont know where to get this cake so I tried looking for the recipe and determined to bake it myself. I found one recipe I thought would be easier to make from this blog.

As usual, my baking product always a disappointment. I dont blame the recipe. I think the recipe is good enough. It´s just me....i just still couldn´t bake a proper cake and the the icing turned out disaster.

As the cake is a four-layered type, I needed to bake in two baking pan. The first batch, was ok, it was soft. But the second one, I baked it too long from the recommended time ( I missed the time actually!) , it turned out to be too brown and hard.

I was supposed to cut each cake into half horizontally, but I wasn´t confident that I would manage to cut beautifully so I decided to just make two layer instead of four.

And then there was something wrong with my white chocolate icing. After sometime of whisking the mixture of white chocolate icing with double cream, the icing became sandy, resulted in non-smooth texture. But i really didn´t know what to do to improve it so I just spread it on the cake.

As this is my first time making cake with icing spread, I realized that it was not an easy task. At least for me! The spread was ugly and kept dropping from the cake! Only the chocolate ganache was fine.

And then I let my twins sprinkled some chocolate rice on top of the cake. They love doing this. By the way, the cake tasted quite delicious.

Anyway i´m not going to give up in baking...i´ll try again next time!

If you want the copy of the recipe, visit Janet Is Hungry.

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