Friday, December 17, 2010

Avocado Salad with Fish Frikadelle

Currently i´m in my best effort trying to eat healthily. And one of the effort is to eat greens as much as possible. But eating just greens is not exciting, so I made this recipe to encourage me eating salad.

Nothing much in the recipe. Just half a pack ready-made green salad, half avocado (cut into small pieces) and two pieces of store-bought fish frikadelle that i fried with a little olive oil (then cut small), then toss with lemon juice, a little bit of salt and pepper.

So yes, I managed to finish the whole plate of salad and suddenly feeling ala-ala Lindsay Ellingson, the top supermodel whom the other day I saw her eating her full-plate salad for lunch.

Like I could stand eating just salad!

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