Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

The other day, when I made the pizza dough, I got two pans of pizza base. That time I only made 1 pizza - the mushroom,sausage & tomato pizza and I kept the other 1 pan nicely wrapped with plastic foil and kept frozen.

I was thinking about Hawaiian Pizza of Pizza Hut and wanted to make something like that. I didn´t really remember what was the topping ingredients but I know there´s pineapples slices, salami and shredded cheese. So i decided those were the things I would top my pizza with. For the sauce, I used the leftover from the spaghetti meatballs sauce.

The pizza base and the meatballs sauce

Spread the sauce on the pizza base

Spread the sliced pineapples, salami and shredded cheese.

For the shredded cheese, I used the Emmentaler cheese which I guessed is not very suitable for making pizza because when it melts, it doesn´t spread widely over the topping eventhough I thought I had spread generous amount of it. And then I didn´t get the gummy effect when you pull the cheese from the topping (something I like to do when I ate pizza at Pizza Hut). Most pizza recipes recommend the use of Mozarella but at the time I only had Emmentaler in my stock. Maybe next time I would Mozarella and see the different.

However, the pizza still delicious!

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